Personnel Development

Training and Application

Evaluation Policy

The Human Resources Policy at LIFULL has been set into place in order to support the growth of each of our employees and, thereby, both achieve our Corporate Philosophy and the career visions of our employees.

Professional Qualification Program

In order to encourage employees in progressing their professional skills, the Company covers examination fees for full-time and contract employees who pass qualification examinations.

Career Choice Program

The Career Support Service provides employees with the opportunity to consult with an internal or external career advisor about their concerns or create a career plan.
(1) External Career Advisors
Employees can consult with external career advisors.
(2) Internal Career Advisors
Employees can receive advice on a wide variety of topics including their career in general as well as careers or systems particular to LIFULL.

Future Leaders Conference

The Future Leaders Conference is a organization-wide meeting on the recognition of training of the next generation of leaders. With the mid-term development of the company in mind, we monitor and evaluate the human resource situation in necessary positions and conduct hiring and trainings.

Training Program

LIFULL employees have access to a variety of training programs for different skills and positions.

  • New-Hire Training: After entering the Company, new employees gain the necessary knowledge as a LIFULL Group employee (internal systems, corporate rules and policies, etc.)
  • Vision College: Employees gain the necessary knowledge they need as a LIFULL Group employee (corporate philosophy, culture, etc.)
  • Facilitation Training: Employees gain the necessary skills to smoothly hold various meetings.
  • Logical Thinking Training: Employees gain the necessary skills to take their work to the next level.
  • Position Training: Employees gain the necessary skills to fulfill their roles in the Company (interviews, on-boarding process, etc.)
  • E-Learning: Employees gain the necessary skills and knowledge for their positions and roles.
  • Professional Training: Employees gain the necessary skills and professional knowledge they need for their positions.
  • Leader's Eye Seminar: Professional from various industries speak on their experience and insight.

Next-Generation Leader Training Program (WILL)

We have implemented a competitive training program for the next generation of leaders called LIFULL Will. Potential candidates for upper management designated by executive officers of the Company have the opportunity to give presentation on solution plans to solve current management issues within the LIFULL Group. In this program, candidates work closely with executive officers to make business plans and deliver results from an upper management point of view.

Training Program for Students

We offer students the opportunity to gain insight and work experience as interns at LIFULL in various fields such as sales, planning, programming, design etc.

Management and Leadership Training

In addition to basic training for newly appointed group leaders, the Company conducts management development training twice a year to provide the opportunity for managers to broaden their knowledge and understanding to grow as leaders as well as provide and share information in a timely manner.

  • New Manager Training Topics: Basic knowledge and skills of LIFULL Group managers (scheduling, performance evaluations, group management, etc.)
  • Annual Management Development Topics: Knowledge, skill and mindset necessary for leaders and mentors in the LIFULL Group

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Promotion Programs

LIFULL is defined by the will of our employees to realize our corporate philosophy. As part of that, we are creating an environment and internal programs that help the individual talents of each and every one of our employees flourish and enable them to challenge themselves in order to overcome difficulties in their lives.
How well a candidate fits in with the corporate culture and philosophy is a pillar of our hiring process. Since all of our employees are working under the same set of values, we are able to maintain a high level of motivation in the workplace.
Furthermore, we have taken various measures to challenge our employees to encourage self-motivation and self-confidence. Not only are we offering the opportunity for our employees to act on their intrinsic motivation, we also believe that providing a working environment and corporate culture where employees can speak freely across organizational levels will help remove barriers from personal growth.
Human resources management at LIFULL is primarily based on employee self-motivation. Therefore, the Company does not unilaterally determine job appointments, transfers or job changes. We have established a career choice program to enable job changes at the employee’s own volition. Employees are allowed to transfer to different departments to achieve their own career goals. During employee evaluations, we do not only look at the short-term successes, but also place importance on living out the values of the company.

Employee Engagement Survey to Monitor Employee Satisfaction

We conduct semiannual surveys in order to gain a deeper understanding and improve the overall organization.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits and Support for Work-Life Balance

Our employees have access to an employee benefit program in order to increase motivation and offer a good working environment. The following is primarily for employees at the LIFULL headquarters, but we require all Group companies to create a benefit package and support for work-life balance of similar quality for their employees.

  • Employee Shareholding Association Benefits: Employees at the headquarters and other Group companies are able to participate in the Employee Shareholder Association. This association seeks to help employees build their equity and gain a deeper understanding of the Company's share price. The Company matches 20% of investments made by employees.
  • Fukuri Kosei Club (Employee Benefit and Discount Club)
  • Seminars on Building Personal Equity and Assets
  • Sponsorship of Internal Clubs