Sustainability Policy

Fundamental Policy

Acting on our credo of Altruism, the LIFULL Group is working towards our Corporate Philosophy of creating a society where everyone can attain comfort and happiness through continuous social innovations.
We follow our principle of Will-Centric Public Interest Capitalism and are working to find solutions to various social issues through our businesses to make positive contributions to all of society. Through these practices, we will continue to promote sustainable developments within the LIFULL Group as well as society as a whole to create a society where everyone can reach a state of improved well-being.

*Company (Shachu)
At LIFULL, we refer to all of our stakeholders as "part of the Company" or Shachu. Taking this broader meaning, we refer to everyone as "colleagues" working towards the same goal. This mindset also reflects our management's conscious awareness of consumers, clients, employees, partners, shareholders, society and the environment.

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