Businesses (Domestic / Overseas)

Management Policy

We offer our life-centered services focused around real estate in over 60 different countries and regions toward the realization of our Management Policy under our credo of "Atruism."

Our business is divided into three segments: HOME'S Services, Overseas and Other Businesses.

Segment overview

HOME'S Services

HOME'S関連事業The HOME'S Services segment is focused around our flagship service LIFULL HOME'S, one of the largest real estate and housing information websites in Japan. In this segment, we provide services to assist realtors and help each user easily find the right place to live according to their individual needs.
Through these services, our goal is to create a world where LIFULL HOME'S is an indispensible service.

Primary Services

  • AD Master (Prev. Renters Net)
  • NabiSTAR  
  • Kenbiya


LIFULLCONNECTの事業In the Overseas segment, we are offering our services in over 60 countries around the world through LIFULL CONNECT. The company is comprised of our aggrigation sites Trovit, Mitula, Nestoria and Nuroa which offer information on real estate, jobs, used cars and fashion as well as, RESEM and Dot Property, which operate real estate portals in Latin America and Southeast Asia. With our vast amounts of data and connections to users around the world, we are working to create a global real estate platform to allow people to invest more easily in international real estate regardless of language or nationality
Additionally, we are developing software and applications at LIFULL Tech Vietnam.

Other Businesses

LIFULLその他事業 In our Other Businesses, we are nuturing start-ups and investings in new businesses that go beyond real estate and online services to help people live more fulfilling lives. We also offer our employees as well as students and members of the broader community the opportunity to start their own businesses through our business proposition program, SWITCH. Through this program we are not only broadening our own business scope, but also training the next generation of leaders. In the future, we will continue to augment and expand the scope of the entire LIFULL Group through this segment.

Primary Services

  • LIFULL Kaigo: LIFULL senior
  • Regional Revitalization
  • Other subsidiaries and new services