Stakeholder Engagement

Our businesses are based strongly on our relationships with diverse stakeholders. Our Guidelines stipulate that we "value every stakeholder." This means that we need to take the best interests of all of our stakeholders into consideration when we make decisions - not just the stakeholders with whom we are directly involved. Rather, we also need to consider implications for stakeholders who are influenced indirectly by our decisions.

Communications with Shareholders and Investors

Through constructive dialogue with our stakeholders, we ensure that we appropriately understand their requests and expectations and reflect these expectations in our decision-making.

  • Consumers

    (Users of our sites, such as LIFULL HOME'S)

    • Further improving quality of services
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Contact forms, call centers and other contact methods
    • Face-to-face service through Sumai No Madoguchi
    • Consumer surveys
    • Contents of our websites and social networks
    • Events
  • Clients

    (Businesses who utilize our services, such as real estate professionals listings on LIFULL HOME'S)

    • Further improving quality of services
    • Finding solutions to clients' pain points
    • Sustainable growth for the industry
    • Sales activities
    • Professional sites, newsletters and social networking
    • Satisfaction surveys
    • Seminars for clients
  • Employees

    • Respecting diverse individuals
    • Well-being
    • Organizational surveys (2x / Year)
    • Stress checks, well-being surveys
    • Free-following conversation with the Workplace Improvement Committee
    • One-on-one meetings between managers and reports (weekly)
    • Target setting / performance evaluation meetings (4x / Year)
    • Casual lunches with the CEO (1x / Month)
    • Birthday parties
  • Business Partners

    • Transparent and fair business operations
    • Solving issues with partnerships
    • Purchasing activities
    • Supplier surveys
    • Whistleblower channel for business partners
  • Shareholders & Investors

    IR Calendar

    • Timely and fair disclosures of internal matters
    • Accountability
    • Appropriate shareholder returns
    • General meeting of shareholders (1x / Year)
    • Briefing on business strategy for private investors (1x / Year)
    • Earnings briefings for institutional investors (2x / Year)
    • Events for private investors
    • IR interviews for institutional investors and analysts
    • Disclosure of documents on our Investor Relations page
  • Local Communities

    • Collaborations to find solutions to social issues
    • Participation in economic and industry associations
    • Collaborative projects with local governments
    • Participation in ESG evaluations
    • Participation in questionnaires from government organizations and media outlets etc.
    • Collaboration with NPOs and NGOs
  • The Global Environment

    • Reducing our environmental footprint
    • Helping to create a recycling-based society
    • Environmentally-friendly businesses
    • Disclosure of GHG emissions