Our Business

Our Business

To realize the corporate message “Make every Life Full”,
We provide services in various areas

Domestic Services


    Real estate and housing information aggregation web service.
    As Japan’s top (*) provider in terms of the number of available properties, services cover a wide range of information, from renting and buying to building, renovating and real estate investments.* Surveyed by Sankei advertising agency (January 7, 2019)

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Regional Revitalization

    It is said that one out of every three houses in Japan will be abandoned by 2033. We choose to look at this as a chance for people to find more opportunities to live the way they want. Therefore, we are offering new lifestyles in Japan through the repurposing of abandoned properties.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Hikkoshi

    Aggregating over 100 moving companies throughout Japan, this service matches users to moving packages according to their needs. Features such as rankings and reviews of moving companies are also available for improved matching.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Kaigo

    Special care facility searching web service. Users can browse through more than 32,000 nursing care facilities all over Japan, including private nursing homes and senior housing. Features such as requests for informational materials and visiting reservations simplify the process even further.

    Operating Company: LIFULL senior Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Life Plan

    To make every LIFE FULL in the 100-year life, we provide you the opportunity for update your life plan and we suggest more choices in the future to people in Japan.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Investment

    Money lending , LIFULL regional revitalization Fund, Remodel and utilize abandoned houses

    Operating Company: LIFULL Investment Co., Ltd.


    Based on the concept of “Happy family, happy working life,” LIFULL FaM was created to help working mothers balance childcare with work while pursuing a career.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Trunkroom

    Trunk room is a storage space searching web service. Users can search and compare a large number of options and contact the companies that interest them for free.

    Operating Company: LIFULL SPACE Co., Ltd.


    This is a shared office where people with diverse thinking gather and work together.
    We create a community where people share ideas, values, and activities and enjoy working and where such activities will lead to products and businesses that will make the world more interesting.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding website for small-scale real estate investments. Users can find properties and start investing from as little as ¥10,000.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LivingAnywhere Commons

    A community to live your life and do what you want in your favorite place without restrictions such as location, lifelines, or work. Members have the opportunity to work together in locations around Japan.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • Instant House

    Instant House is a series of products created through an industry-academia collaboration between LIFULL and Nagoya Institute of Technology, using unprecedented and innovative architectural methods to enable people all over the world to easily realize a safe and comfortable living environment.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Leadership

    Leadership and professional training programs for companies. Participants learn how to create their own vision and become leaders within their organizations to increase profitability and personal motivation.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Leadership Co., Ltd.

Global Services

  • Trovit

    One of the largest aggregation websites in the world, providing information on 120 million items, including real estate & housing, used cars, recruitment and mail orders in 57 countries worldwide. Users who search with Trovit can find what they are looking for without having to check multiple websites.

    Operating Company: LIFULL CONNECT

  • Mitula

    Accessible in around 50 countries, Mitula is one of the largest vertical search websites in the world, providing information in real estate and housing, used cars, and recruitment. Mitula makes it easy to obtain just the right information, provided in 19 languages.

    Operating Company: LIFULL CONNECT