ESG Data

The following figures are for LIFULL Co., Ltd. unless otherwise stated. The fiscal year is from October - September.


27th Period (FY 2021/9)
Directors Total Directors Total 7
┗Male 7
┗Female 0
Outside and Independent Directors Total 4
┗Male 4
┗Female 0
Corporate Auditors Total Corporate Auditors Total 4
┗Male 2
┗Female 2
Outside Corporate Auditors (Independent Corporate Auditors) Total 4(3)
┗Male 2(2)
┗Female 2(1)
Executive Remuneration Directors
(Outside Directors)
Total Remuneration ¥120,498 Thousand(¥21,375 Thousand)
Corporate Auditors(Outside Corporate Auditors) Total Remuneration ¥39,812 Thousand(¥39,812 Thousand)
(Outside Directors)
Total Remuneration ¥160,310 Thousand
¥61,187 Thousand
Ratio of Attendance of Outside Directors
at Board of Director Meetings
Outside Directors Average 96%
┗TAKAHASHI Masato 88%
┗KOBAYASHI Masatada 94%
┗NAKAO Ryuichiro 100%
┗OKUBO Kazutaka 100%
Outside Corporate Auditors Average 96%
┗SHISHIDO Kiyoshi 100%
┗HANAI Takeshi 88%
┗NAKAMORI Makiko 94%
Average Tenure Directors 10.7 years
Outside Directors 3.4 years
Corporate Auditors
Outside Corporate Auditors 4.9 years
Directors of Group Companies Directors Total 55
┗Male 54
┗Female 1
Cases of Conflicts of Interest 1
Cases of Reported Risks by
the Risk Management Committee
Cross-Held Shares Not Applicable
Violations on Codes of
Conduct or Ethical Standards
Unauthorized Sales (Cases) 87
Security Violations (Cases) 53
Working Times (Cases) 34
Bribery (Cases) 0
 ┗Disciplinary Actions (Cases) 0
Violations on Human Rights or Harassment Human Rights / Harassment (Cases) 1
Disciplinary Actions (Cases) 0
Employees who received training on the protection of personal information Cases 0
Gross 0
Employees who received training on compliance Cases 0
Gross 0
Cases reported to whistleblower channels Internal 0
External 0
Total total loss due to legal proceedings related to anti-competitive behavior 0
Total Corporate Taxes on Consolidated Statements
of Profit and Loss
¥961,665 Thousand
Total Donations ¥93,640 Thousand

Human resources

27th Period (FY 2021/9)
Total Employees: By Sex and Employment Type Total Employees
* Full-Time and Contract
Total 806
┗Male 517
┗Female 289
Full-Time Employees Total 740
┗Male 502
┗Female 238
Contract Employees Total 66
┗Male 15
┗Female 51
Temporary Employees Total 59
Percentage of Employees Subject
to Collective Bargaining Agreements
Newly Appointed Managers Total 49
┗Male 34
┗Female 15
Managers: By Type and Women Directors and Managing Officers 12
┗Women 0(0%)
Total Department Heads and Above 14
┗Women 1(7%)
Unit Leaders 43
┗Women 4(9%)
Group Leaders 127
┗Women 28(22%)
Domestic New Hires: Ratios
for Men and Women
Total 77
┗Male 52
┗Female 25
Non-Japanese Employees Total 24
┗Male 16
┗Female 8
Employees with Disabilities 15
Employees Retiring at the Retirement Age 1
Employees Re-Hired After Retirement Age 1
Employees who Left the Company 41(5%)
Average Years of Employment Total 6.2
┗Male 6.1
┗Female 6.6
Average Age Total 35.5
┗Male 35.4
┗Female 35.5
Employee Age (Individuals) 20s 187
30s 321
40s 209
50s 23
60s 0
Average Employee Income Total ¥7.12 Million
┗Male ¥7.61 Million
┗Female ¥6.64 Million
Organizational Survey frequency of implementation Semiannual
Total Score (Out of 5) 3.9
Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave Total 22
┗Male 8
┗Female 14
Ratio of Employees Returning to Work Total 95%
┗Male 100%
┗Female 100%
Cases of Labor-Related Illnesses Recorded 0
Employees Working Reduced Hours for Childcare Total 46
┗Male 0
┗Female 46
Employees Taking Leaving to Care for Family Members Total 3
Employees Working Reduced Hours to Care for Family Members Total 0
Percentage Paid Leave Used by Employees Total Employees 71%
Annual Total Working Hours (Average per Person) Total 2,008
Annual Overtime Hours (Average per Person) Total 308
Number of Occupational Accidents etc. Total 0
Percentage of Employees Taking a Stress Checks 93%
Percentage of Employee Receiving an Annual Medical Check 100%
Number of Employees who Have Received Official Training on Human Rights Total 785
Percentage of Employees who Smoke Total 21%
Employees Receiving Performance Evaluations Total 740
┗Male 502
┗Female 238
Employees Using the Internal Dual Career Program Total 87
┗Male 53
┗Female 34

Information Security

27th Period (FY 2021/9)
Users whose Information is Used for Secondary Purposes Not Disclosed
Total Loss Due to Legal Proceedings on Personal Information (1) Requests to Disclose User Information by Legal Entities 0
(2) Cases in which User Data was Provided 0
(3) Percentage of Disclosure 0
Number of Requests to Delete Content and Cases where the Company Followed the Requests 0
Data Breaches (1) Number of data breaches Not Disclosed
(2) Percentage including personally identifiable information (PII) Not Disclosed
(3) Number of individuals affected Not Disclosed
Violations of Regulations and Voluntary Norms 0
Total Loss Due to Legal Proceedings on Anti-Competitive Behavior 0