Investing in our Individual Employees

Challenges Based on Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is at the core of our Human Resources Strategy. We believe that allowing people to follow their own interests leads to more passion toward producing results, self-motivated learning and, therefore, overall growth. For this reason, we create opportunities for intrinsically motivated challenges.

Overview of Opportunities

Opportunities for the Realization our Corporate Philosophy

By offering our employees various opportunities to challenge themselves, we are following our Guideline of "Dare to try big things" and creating a corporate culture where people can challenge themselves by developing new, diverse businesses.

Social Innovation Forum

The Social Innovation Forum is a companywide event aimed at fostering a culture where people look for innovative solutions to social issues. All employees participate in this program which centers around group discussions examining social issues from each person's own perspective and coming up with innovative solutions. Groups are formed without regard to department or position which brings everyone together to address challenges in our society and refine their ideas through discussions and gathering a variety of different opinions.

SWITCH (New Business Proposal Program)

SWITCH is a program open to anyone within the Company – including individuals who have just received a job offer – and offers the opportunity to create new challenges regardless of position or seniority. Several of our current major services, including LIFULL Kaigo and LIFULL FaM were created through this program.

Creators Day

This is an internal program to help enhance the knowledge and skills of employees in the rapidly developing technology and creative fields. Employees can temporarily suspend regular duties to work on projects around new technology or ideas. Creators Day serves as an outlet for nurturing technology and new ideas within the Company as well as an opportunity to start new projects.

Creative Awards

The Creative Awards are given for internal projects and processes, and employees vote for the winners. Selected projects are examples of new value creation or improvements to existing features or functions and provide positive examples to increase employee motivation to challenge themselves.

Social Contribution Activity Support Program One P's

Refer to this page for more details on our contributions to local communities.

Opportunities for Everyone to Reach their Career Visions

At LIFULL, employees' intrinsic motivation is the core of our Human Resources strategy, so we take individuals' career goals into consideration when making placement decisions as a much as possible. In order to do so, we have implemented the following systems:

Career Design Sheet

Employees regularly fill out a career design sheet and discuss them with their supervisors to help them reach their career goals. This sheet consists of breaking down the career goals into 3 and 5-year targets and also offers employees the opportunity to request a change to a different department.

Career Selection Program

In this career support program, employees have the opportunities to submit a request a transfer to a different team to reach their career goals twice a year.

Careeful (Internal Multi-Team Part-Time Program)

In this internal program, employees can spend up to 10% of their working hours working part-time on a different team within the Company and gain experience in a different field. This allows LIFULL employees to design their own career paths and offers new growth opportunities.

Careealize (Side-Job Program)

Through this program, we allow employees the chance to work at side jobs outside of the Company to help them grow personally and contribute more the Company in the long term. A considerable number of employees have already chosen to take this opportunity.

Internal Recruitment

This is an internal program that allows teams to recruit other employees specialized in certain tasks. Recruiting is conducted irregularly after new businesses are established.

Professional Qualification Support Program

Full-time and contract employees can use this program to receive reimbursement for costs after passing examinations for professional skills.

Career Support Office

The career support office offers LIFULL employees the opportunity to consult with internal and external career advisors to overcome any issues and develop their own career paths.

  1. (1)External Career Advisors
    Employees can consult with external career advisors.
  2. (2)Internal Career Advisors
    Employees can consult on a wide range of topics from general career advice to specific jobs or programs provided through LIFULL.

Future Talent Conference

This is a companywide conference to discover and develop the next generation of leaders. Participants in the conference take a mid to long-term organizational perspective and monitor current staffing, recruit and conduct development activities.

Goals and Evaluations

The Human Resources Program at LIFULL aims to support the growth of each individual employee in order to realize our Corporate Philosophy and employees' career visions. Throughout the evaluation process, we take employees' own motivation into consideration and set goals accordingly. Employees think about how they can contribute to achieve the goals of the organization as a whole and set personal goals with their supervisors.

Growth Opportunities

Employees of LIFULL have a number of opportunities to participate in various training based on their skills and positions.

New Employee Training

Employees learn about internal systems, company rules and other basic information that they will need after joining the Company.


Employees can take online courses based on their position or level to gain new knowledge and skills.

Middle Sessions

Program for team leaders to share and learn ways to produce results in their teams.

Critical Thinking Training

This course is offered to employees who have completed the Logical Thinking Course in the LIFULL University Program (described later.) Participants learn how to use critical thinking skills to solve problems and in their communication.

New Management Training

In this program, new managers learn about management skills and KPI management based on achieving our Corporate Philosophy.

Leader's Eye Seminars

Seminars offering ideas and input from role models in various industries.

Career Seminars for Female Employees

Seminars showcasing internal female role models to support the career development of other female employees.

LIFULL University

An internal learning program to support employees in their desire for new knowledge and skills. Employees think of their own topics and hold seminars that anyone from the Company can join.


A program to support employees over 50 years old in their current career paths and beyond. This program provides support to ensure enriching lives for people in this time of longer life expectancy.

Sophomore Engineer Training

A training program for emerging engineers where they can acquire the necessary skills for service development.

Selective Overseas Training

A group of LIFULL employees selected annually have the opportunity to travel to a country of their choice to learn more about local companies and broaden their perspectives on a global level, grow and give feedback to the Company after returning.

Targets and Results of Intrinsically Motivated Challenges

Key Issue Indicator Target Results at the End of FY 2023/9
Intrinsically Motivated Challenges Requests for Department Changes Granted (Career Selection) 62%
Individuals with Leadership Experience 27ppl.
New Businesses Approved 1


We believe that promoting well-being throughout the Company leads to improved productivity with our employees intrinsically motivated to take on new challenges and, as a result, also contributes to sustainable growth and improved corporate value.

Physical and Mental Health


Strategy Map

Health Initiatives

We have divided employee self-care based on intrinsic motivation into three pillars: Learn, Check and Support.

1. Learn

We offer seminars held by professionals for employees to gain insights on how to better care for their physical and mental health.

Primary Initiatives
  • Lectures on How to Interpret the Results of Physical Examinations

    We created and shared a video of an industrial physician explaining how to interpret each of the results of employees' physical examinations for employees to view.

  • Topic Seminars (Nutrition, Sleep, Smoking, Mental Health)

    Seminars are held on a variety of important topics which affect employee well-being by an industrial physician.

2. Check

By regularly measuring the physical, mental and engagement of our employees and providing feedback, we are able to clarify individual issues and their causes and take necessary actions.

Primary Initiatives
  • Physical Examinations

    As physical examinations provide a major premise for maintaining and improving health on a regular and quantitative basis, we have set the target for 100% of employees to receive them regularly. In addition to the legal diagnostic items, we also provide information on optional examinations for the early detection of potential illnesses.

  • Managing Employee Working Time

    To ensure that managers have adequate insight into and can effectively manage the working times of their teams, we provide them with monthly reports. Representatives from the Human Resources department also send warnings to teams with particular issues.

  • Engagement Surveys

    We conduct Employee Engagement Surveys twice a year to quantify employee well-being which serve as important indicators of engagement and overall well-being management of the Company. Members of the Human Resources department work closely with departments and teams with lower scores to resolve any organizational issues and proactively prevent employee stress.

  • Well-Being Surveys

    We have implemented monthly questionnaires to assess employee well-being. Employees can easily contact members of Human Resources through the questionnaire system, and representatives from Human Resources reach out and support employees whose scores drop in a given month.

  • Stress Checks

    We conduct monthly employee stress checks. The results of these check are regularly reported to manage to resolve any potential issues. Individuals identified as having high-stress levels are offered the opportunity to speak with a medical professional to help proactively improve their mental health.

3. Support

We provide following opportunities for employees to take the necessary steps to maintain and improve their health.

Primary Initiatives
  • Health Consultations

    We offer opportunities every month to consult with industrial physicians or nurse practitioners on health issues for employees who desire. Topics are not limited to mental and physical conditions, but can also be for advice on how to stay healthier in everyday life. Medical professionals also give advice on how to work with and accommodate team members with ailments.

  • Coverage of Expenses for Gynecological Exams

    We partially cover costs for gynecological examinations such as for cervical or breast cancer, ovaries and uterus.

  • Measures Against Infectious Diseases (Influenza, COVID-19)

    We offer annual influenza vaccinations in its offices and covers the cost for employees.
    Employees receiving a vaccine for COVID-19 on a regular work day, the time spent for the vaccination is counted as working time. If the employee experiences any side effects of the vaccine, we provide an extra day of paid leave for their recovery. Employees accompanying family members for vaccinations also receive extra paid leave.

  • Returning to Work Program (re:START)

    We have started a program to relieve some of the stress, dissatisfaction and inconvenience many new mothers experience after maternity and childcare leave by having experienced mothers support new mothers for six months after coming back to the office.

  • Support for Employees Taking Leave for Serious Illnesses

    We provide support to individuals returning to work through the collaboration of industrial physicians, nurse practitioners, Human Resources and other team members.
    Employees can continue to hold consultations with medical professionals after returning until they feel comfortable working in their positions again.

  • Company-Sponsored Club Activities

    We sponsor a number of employee-led clubs for various topics and activities to foster relationships outside of the workplace and give employees more opportunities to refresh.

Support for Hybrid Lifestyles

  • Flex Time

    Employees are able to organize part of their working hours themselves.

  • Hybrid Working Environment

    We allow our employees to work without restriction as long as they follow the security rules of the Company. Individual departments are able to set their own most effective balance between working from the office and remotely.

  • Half-Day / Hourly Paid Time Off

    We allow employees to split their paid time off into half-day or hourly units.

  • Refresh Leave

    Once a year, we offer ¥30,000 to employees who take 4 days of paid time off in a row which is paid out in the following month.

  • LIFULL Leave

    We believe that not only the lives of our employees are important, but also their loved ones as well. For this reason, we offer an additional two days of paid time off a year.

  • Support for Working Mothers and Fathers

    We support employees who are working while raising children by offering maternity leave, shortened working hours and family care leave. We also have programs and internal communities to support employees returning to work after maternity or childcare leave.

  • Family Care Leave

    We provide leave for employees taking care of family members. Employees are entitled to take up to 15 days of nursing care leave per year upon request to the Company.

  • Three-Day Weekends

    Employees can choose a four-day workweek while maintaining regular working hours. Salaries and bonus are reduced in line with the decrease in monthly working hours. This program has been introduced to increase job satisfaction for employees and to encourage more talented people to choose this as a place to work.

  • Shortened Working Hours

    We offer our employees the option of shortened working hours that can be taken without a specific reason such as family care. As with the "three-day weekend," this option has been introduced to create a working environment that accommodates increasingly diverse work styles.

  • Employee Shareholding Association Incentive

    In order to promote financial literacy among employees and raise awareness of stock prices, we have introduced an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which allows employees of both the headquarters and group companies to participate. We also implement an incentive program with a 20% bonus allocation.

  • Seminars on Financial Topics

    As part of our benefit package, we provide employees with opportunities to attend seminars on asset building and asset management, etc., to improve their well-bein

  • Membership to the Fukuri Kosei Club

    LIFULL employees and their families can enjoy various services such as travel, accommodation, dining and self-improvement at special discounted prices as part of the employee benefits program.

Well-Being-Related Targets and Results

Key Issue Indictor Target Results at the End of FY 2023/9
Well-being Number of Employees Receiving a Physical Health Check 100% 100%
% of Employees Receiving a Stress Check 94.3%
Total Score of the Organizational Survey 3.8 points of 5 points