Investing in our Teams

Maximizing Team Results

We have identified "Improvement of Productivity" as one of our key organizational issues and are taking the following steps to make improvements.

Initiatives to Improve Team Productivity

We are not only trying to raise the quality while reducing the speed for individual employee outputs, we are also promoting systematic approaches to connect this with high team results.

KPI Management

Under guidance of the KPI Management expert and Outside Director of LIFULL, Mr. NAKAO Ryuichiro, we are implementing KPI Management throughout all of LIFULL. KPI Management is process of setting and managing various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure that goals are met. Throughout the Company, we determine the most cost-effective ways to reach our targets and promote general understanding of how to focus resources in order to effectively produce results.

Daily Productivity Measurements

One-way KPI Management supports our business is our system for reviewing working hours by task. Each employee logs their worked us according to the individual task in order to see where they are spending their time and how much time they are spending on core tasks that are crucial for achieving the Key Goal Indicator (KGI) for their department. By improving how our employees use their time, we are increasing efficiency within the Company.

Reduced Paperwork Project

We regularly review internal rules, events, questionnaires and other mandatory tasks for all employees to see which should really be mandatory and make adjustments as necessary.

Hybrid Working Environment

We currently request that employees come to the office three days a week. However, in order for each team to reach their full potential, these rules are flexible with approval from the respective Managing Officer.

Succession Plan

We have a plans in place to train the next generations of leaders of our management, primary businesses and functional operations.
Director Candidates are named by the Selection Committee, and leaders of our primary businesses and functional operations are selected by the Future Talent Conference which are both held regularly and also make decisions on designation of future leaders, monitoring of training and creation of future training plans.

Collaborations with Offshore Development

We currently have two subsidiaries working as offshore development centers located in Vietnam (LIFULL Tech Vietnam) founded in 2017 and Malaysia (LIFULL Tech Malaysia) founded in 2023. We are strengthening collaborations between Japan and our offshore development offices in order to create a plan to maximize our development potential.

Targets and Results for Maximizing Team Results

Key Issue Indicator Target Results as of FY 2023/9
Maximizing Team Results Profit Before Distribution per Capita - 12.0 mil.

Teams that Welcome Differences

In order for all of our employees with different backgrounds to work on their own intrinsic motivation, we are helping to build teams that welcome the differences of others and assist each other in reaching their own full potential.

Hiring Diverse Talent

The LIFULL Group does not base any decisions related to hiring, placement, promotions, evaluations or training on gender, age, race, nationality, religion or other similar characteristics and seeks to maintain fair treatment of all individuals.
Additionally, we hire individuals with the following characteristics to ensure a diverse working environment:

  • Individuals with disabilities or special needs
  • Post-retired individuals
  • Individuals with international backgrounds

The D&I+ Committee helps to create subtitles and English translations of content and lunchtime activities for individuals of various backgrounds while also providing a wide range of other support.

Initiatives for Psychological Well-Being

We believe that all of our employees should be able to communicate their honest opinions and feelings to their supervisors – even if their opinions go against what others say – and, therefore, place a special focus on psychological well-being. One of our Guidelines is "Own your words, be respectful and commit". In this Guideline, we stress that everyone should speak with respect, but also give their honest opinions.

Team Building

Each team conducts regular team building exercises that they plan themselves according to the needs of individuals and teams. During team building exercises, we are helping to build mutual understanding of each other and promote open communication.

Communication Budget

Every year, we provide a Communication Budget of \15,000 per person for teams to promote communication outside of work while enjoying a meal together.


At the beginning of each fiscal year, we hold an annual Kick-Off event. During this event, we recognize top sellers and Most Valuable Players from the previous year with awards in a more relaxing atmosphere where people can communicate across departments.

Communication Rules

  • One-On-One Meetings
    All of our team leaders are required to hold one-on-one meetings with their charges at least once a week. During these meetings, they talk about work-related tasks or issues that they are facing or receive support for the future careers.
  • Communication Day
    In order to improve relationships with individual teams, we request that all team members meet face-to-face at least once a week.

Company Trips (When Operating Profit Targets Are Met)

If operating profit targets are met, we organize company-wide trips for all employees.

Internal Clubs

We offer financial support for internal club activities based around a number of hobbies and topics to promote inter-departmental communication.

Pizza Party / Birthday Party

We hold Pizza Parties and CEO-led Birthday Parties to stimulate interdepartmental communication.


In order to ensure that new employees have a smooth entrance into the Company and are able to reach their full potential as quickly as possible, we hold casual conversations between new employees and human resources for the first six months as well as other support as mentioned in the Communication Rules.

Initiatives for a Diverse Workforce

D&I+ Committee

We have established this committee as a company-wide initiative to promote diversity. The committee conducts regular questionnaires as well as training programs on topics such as unconscious bias among other activities.

Recognition of Common-Law Marriages & Same-Sex Partners

  • Various types of leave (marriage, birth, bereavement, accumulated leave)
  • Commemoration gifts (wedding, maternity and condolence money)
  • Family care leave (long and short-term)

Working Groups for Promotion of D&I-Related Issues

There are several working groups in place which focus on specific issues such as female employees, family care, special needs, intercultural, LGBTQ, etc.

Inclusion Survey

We regularly conduct inclusion surveys to assess the current inclusiveness of the Company in order to promote a cycle of positive development.

Career Surveys

We regularly conduct surveys to understand the current gender gap within the Company as well as the amount of employees interested in serving in management or specialist positions.

Flex Time

Employees are able to organize part of their working hours themselves.

Hybrid Working Environment

We allow our employees to work without restriction as long as they follow the security rules of the Company. Individual departments are able to set their own most effective balance between working from the office and remotely.

Half-Day / Hourly Paid Time Off

We allow employees to split their paid time off into half-day or hourly units.

Family Care Leave

Employees can take up to 15 days of unpaid days off a year to attend to family members requiring care.

Refresh Leave

Once a year, we offer ¥30,000 to employees who take 4 days of paid time off in a row which is paid out in the following month.


We believe that not only the lives of our employees are important, but also their loved ones as well. For this reason, we offer an additional two days of paid time off a year.

Working Mother / Father Support

We support employees who are working while raising children by offering maternity leave, shortened working hours and family care leave. We also have programs and internal communities to support employees returning to work after maternity or childcare leave.

Seminars for Female Employees

We hold seminars aimed at supporting the career development of women, where we showcase the past achievements of internal and external role models.

elFULL Program

This program assists employees who have reached the age of 50 with career and life planning.

Three-Day Weekends

Employees have the option to choose a four-day workweek, assuming that the stipulated working hours are met.

Shortened Working Hours

Employees have the option to choose shortened working hours even without a specific reason such as family care.

Targets and Results for Teams which Welcome Differences

Key Issue Indicator Target Results as of FY 2023/9
Teams which Welcome Differences Positive ratings in the Inclusion Survey* 100% 78%
% of Female Employees 37.5%
% of Females in Management Positions/td> 19.2%
% of Male Employees Taking Paternity Leave 62.5%
Gender Wage Gap 1.4mil.
Career Design** Male: Management Positions 43%
Female: Management Positions 19%
Male: Specialist Positions 38%
Female: Specialist Positions 30%
% of Mid-Career Hires 73%
% of Disabled or Employees with Special Needs 3.04%
  • *Evaluated on a 5-point scale on whether LIFULL is providing an environment where anyone can reach their full potential at work.; Total employees who respond "4: fairly possible" and "5:absolutely possible"
  • **The percentage of respondents who answered "yes" to the question "Do you aspire to become a manager (or specialist) in your future career at LIFULL?"