Actions for Local Communities



We provide supports for athletics programs to promote a healthier society.

  • LIFULL ALT-RHYTHM:LIFULL-sponsored team participating in the first professional dance league in Japan: Dai-ichi Life D.LEAGUE
  • Sufu:Video platform to support school sports clubs in their practice sessions

Regional Revitalization

Regional Revitalization Businesses

Throughout the LIFULL Group, we support the revitalization of rural Japan though a number of different initiatives: System development, job recruitment, training services, repurposing vacant real estate and financial support through the Regional Revitalization Fund.
Regional Revitalization is one of the Sustainability Issue we have defined for the LIFULL Group. You can read more about our mid-term targets and progress on the Sustainability Issues and Goals page.

● Collaboration Agreements for Revitalization of Rural Communities
We have entered into agreements with local governments to revitalize rural communities by primarily supporting the repurposing of vacant properties.
● LIFULL HOME'S Akiya Bank
Selected as a model project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, The LIFULL HOME'S Akiya Bank collects information on abandoned real estate managed by local governments from around Japan. The LIFULL HOME'S Akiya Bank is provided to all local governments free-of-charge and individuals can, of course, also access the site for free.
● Regional Revitalization Fund
This fund provides financial support for businesses and projects related to the revitalization of rural communities in Japan.
We operate a platform called LOCAL MATCH which matches individuals interested in moving to rural communities with local governments and jobs around Japan.
LOCAL MATCH not only helps users overcome the hurdles of moving to rural areas such as finding a job and a place to live and discovering information about the communities, but also interested individuals contact people living in the areas and regularly hosts first-experience tours and seminars to get a feel for different regions.

Industrial Partnerships and Sponsorships

Data from the AI Strategy Department

We have established R&D and AI Strategy departments to make a better society by developing and providing innovative services using cutting-edge technology. In these departments, we are not only developing services for LIFULL, but also accelerating open innovation by collaborating with other organizations and sponsoring academic research societies.

・Research to stimulate the real estate industry
・Industry collaborations for new opportunities
・Contributions to human resource development for information systems
・Provide data sets for research (National Institute of Informatics Informatics Research Data Repository (NII-IDR) LIFULL HOME'S Data Set) (in Japanese)
・Sponsorships for Academic Societies (Annual Sponsor)
  - The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (Supporting Member)
  - The Database Society of Japan (Charter Member)
  - The Japan Data Scientist Society
  - Artificial Intelligence Society
  - Artificial Life Japan
  - ARG Web Intelligence and Interaction Research Society

Volunteer Support

Social Impact Support Program (One P's)

We have established a support program for our employees, One P's, in which we donate 1% of employee working time and 1% of earnings after taxes of the previous fiscal year for our employees to make positive contributions to society. Employees can apply for up to 2 days of extra paid leave a year to participate in volunteer activities that are important for them, and the Company covers any related costs.
The activities are overseen by the One P's Committee which also conducts seminars and learning events to raise employee awareness toward volunteer activities. We have also started a Users' Choice Donation Campaign in which users who send property inquiries to real estate professionals over LIFULL HOME'S to decide where LIFULL should make donations from a list of organizations which help different groups who have difficulty finding a new place to live.