Actions for Local Communities

Actions for Local Communities

Rural Revitalization

Businesses Related to Regional Revitalization

The LIFULL Group taking actions to promote the revitalization of rural areas of Japan, for example, by providing employment matching services, training, support for the repurposing of abandoned real estate (Akiya), funding for revitalization projects and financial services.
We have also established Regional Revitalization as part of our Sustainability Issues and Goals. More details on our Mid-Term Targets and progress toward our Sustainability Goals are available here.


  • Local Partnerships for Rural Revitalization

    LIFULL has formed a number of partnerships with local municipalities to support the repurposing of abandoned real estate.

  • LIFULL HOME'S Akiya Bank

    We offer LIFULL HOME'S Akiya Bank, a database for abandoned homes (Akiya) in rural areas of Japan, with property information from local governments across Japan and was selected as a model project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We offer this service to local governments and individual users free-of-charge.

  • Regional Revitalization Fund

    We provide funding to support projects and new businesses contributing to the revitalization of rural areas of Japan.


    In Japan, we offer the service, LOCAL MATCH, a platform that matches people considering moving to rural areas of Japan with local governments and companies.
    LOCAL MATCH helps people looking to move to rural areas not only by providing information on employment and places to live, but also allows participants to communicate directly with local people through regular experience tours and events.

Research & Development, Academic-Industrial Collaborations

LIFULL HOME'S Soken (Research Institute)

LIFULL HOME'S Soken was established as an internal think-tank in July 2013 in order to look into ways to help people have fuller and truly free lives through original research without restrictions of the existing industry or short-term business plans. We publish the findings of LIFULL HOME'S Soken here (in Japanese).


Businesses Related to Athletics

We also offer a number of services to contribute to the realization of a healthier society.


  • LIFULL ALT-RHYTHM:Dance team competing in the DAI-ICHI LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY professional dance league, D.LEAGUE.
  • Sufu:Sports training video platform to support school athletics activities.

Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activity Support Program One P's

LIFULL has implemented the One P's Program to support volunteer activities in Japan. Through this program, LIFULL provides 1% of employee working time and 1% of profit after taxes for the previous year and 1% as funding.
Employees can request up to two days off a year to participate in volunteer activities they are passionate about, and LIFULL covers any necessary participation fees.
We have also established a One P's Committee that offers seminars and other learning opportunities to promote volunteer activities among employees.
We also provide the "Erande-Yell" Program (User Choice Donations, in Japanese) in which users who make inquiries to real estate companies via LIFULL HOME'S are invited to vote for organizations supporting individuals who have difficulty finding a place to live. After the voting closes, LIFULL makes a donation to the organization(s) that users chose.

Student Programs

Training Program for Students

As part of our support initiatives to give students a look into the workforce, we take on interns in various positions such as sales, planning, development and design.


Investments and Donations

We are not only focused on finding solutions to social issues through our businesses. We also believe that supporting other like-minded companies and organizations actively seeking solutions to social issues in will bring us closer to our corporate philosophy and make contributions to sustainable social development. The following are specific examples of the kinds of organizations we support:


  • WOTA Co., Ltd

    A startup with the goal to create the future of water infrastructure such as portable water reclamation devices. Some of its products include WOTA BOX, a portable water purifying plan which can produce potable water for areas without access to water pipes, and WOSH, a new style of water-recycling handwashing stand. The company has developed technology to recycle water, which can reduce total water waste to less than 1/50 of the current amount. This technology also makes it possible, for example, to install showers without the need for water pipes. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or heavy rains, the company also provides disaster packages free of charge.

  • JEPLAN Japan Environmental PLANning

    Japan Environmental PLANning (JEPLAN) is using its chemical recycling technology to create a sustainable society where everything is put back into circulation by recycling clothing and plastic consumer goods. In conventional recycling methods, the quality of products created with recycled materials tends to decline while the costs for the new goods increases. However, with the technology employed by JEPLAN, new products not only reach the same quality standards, but PET resin can also be produced more efficiently resulting in lower costs than newly manufactured products. By investing in this company, LIFULL is supporting the reduction of waste and recycling energy resources to build a society where materials are put back into circulation.

  • Well-being for Planet Earth

    The Well-being for Planet Earth Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the goal of making investments to promote academic research and spreading awareness of well-being both in Japan and abroad. The organization believes that by educating more people around the world on these topics, people will achieve a higher level of well-being. Through donations to the foundation, LIFULL hopes to help make well-being studies an academic field and develop more new industries which will help more people around the world achieve a higher level of well-being.