Diversity and Inclusion

Actions on Diversity

Employee Diversity

At LIFULL, we offer an array of opportunities for a variety of different working styles to further engage our diverse employees.

■ Flex Time Policy
Employees may determine the starting and ending times of their shifts within certain timeframes.

■ Remote Working Policy
Employees may work remotely 2 days a week (or up to 4 days with approval from the Company.)

■ Half-Day or Hourly Paid Time Off
According to our Office Regulations, employees may take their paid time off in half-day or hourly increments.

■ Family Care Time Off
Employees whose family members require care may request up to 15 days a year off to care for their families.

■ Refresh Vacation
Employees who take 4 days of paid time off in a row may receive ¥30,000 paid in their salary the following month.

■ LIFULL Vacation
The Company grants 2 extra days of paid time off a year to for employees to encourage employees to make their LIFE FULL by spending more time by themselves or with their families or pets.

■Support for Working Mothers
We offer support to assist mothers balancing raising families with their careers. Some examples include maternity leave, shorted hours, childcare leave. We also have internal programs and communities dedicated to supporting employees who have children or are raising families.

■Career Seminars for Female Employees
We hold seminars spotlighting female role models both from inside an outside of the company in order to support the career development of female employees.

■elFULL Program
This is a program for employees over fifty years of age to help them develop their career and life plans. Through this program, we are supporting people in our age of living over 100 years.

Going Beyond Legal Requirements for Diversity

We have established a D&I+ Committee as an company-wide organization to foster innovation through the diverse skills and abilities of our employees. This committee conducts internal questionnaires and training programs on unconscious bias in the workplace while also considering other future measures in order to promote diversity on a company-wide scale.

■ D&I+ Committee
We have established a D&I+ Committee as an company-wide organization to foster innovation through the diverse skills and abilities of our employees

■ Policies for Common-Law Marriages or Same-Sex Partners

  • Paid time off (Wedding Days, Child Leave, Bereavement Leave, Reserve Leave)
  • Congratulatory / Condolence Money (Wedding, Child Birth, Loss of a Family Member)
  • Temporary Suspension of Employment for Family Care (Family Care Leave, Temporary Suspension of Employment)

■ Internal Grass Roots Volunteer Groups for the Promotion of D&I
Employee-founded volunteer groups on the promotion of women in the workforce, caring for children and elderly relatives, disabilities and special needs, cultural diversity, LGBTQ and other traits.

Recruiting for Diversity

The LIFULL Group does not discriminate based on gender, age race, nationality, region or other traits during any stage of the hiring, placement, promotion, evaluation, training or other processes.

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

In order to provide an environment for a diverse workforce, we hire members of the following groups:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Senior citizens
  • Individuals with Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

In addition to building an internal community to support LIFULL employees with diverse international backgrounds, the D&I+ Committee provides translations of company-wide content and organizes lunchtime communication events.

Creating a Stronger Organization

At LIFULL, we have taken a variety of initiatives to support the growth of the organization.

■ Organizational Surveys
We conduct semiannual surveys in order to gain a deeper understanding and improve the overall organization.

■ Companywide Meetings
Monthly meetings held to share the visions and current state of the Company as well as recognize outstanding employees.

■ Team Building
\15,000 per employee is budgeted annually into the Communication Expenses of each team for planning and holding team activities.

■ Relaxed Dicussion Meeting "Compa"
Held four times a year, employees companywide hold discussions on a variety of important topics.

■ Communication Day
Communication Days are held once a week for individual teams to meet face-to-face and foster stronger relationships.

■ Company-Sponsored Clubs
The Company provides funding for club activities to foster relationships between employees across different departments with similar