Dear Esteemed Shareholders and Investors (November, 2023)

Dear Esteemed Shareholders and Investors (November, 2023)

First, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for your continued support.

Following our company credo of "Altruism", we conduct sound business activities taking all of our stakeholders into consideration and strive to solve social issues while making contributions to sustainable social development.

Since founding the company in 1997, we have continued to grow and expand along with our real estate information site, LIFULL HOME'S, that was born from our strong desire to mitigate the asymmetry of real estate information. While continuously providing new solutions, we have now expanded our business to over 60 countries around the world.

Domestically, Japanese society is faced with a number of new issues such as the increase in vacant houses due to the shrinking population, flight from rural areas, and a shrinking economy. As in the past, we are utilizing the technological and human resource advantages of the LIFULL Group and partnering with our clients, business partners, and local governments to provide new value and propositions for the future.

Through continuous dialog with our stakeholders, we will continue to innovate and challenge ourselves to live up to our company name of making every LIFE around the world FULL. I look forward to your support and guidance along the way.

Novemver, 2023

President and CEO, INOUE Takashi
Photo INOUE Takashi