Message from the CEO [Sustainability] Oct. 2023

By valuing every stakeholder in our business efforts, we are helping to discover solutions to social issues while contributing to a more sustainable society.


 We want to create a society where anyone can comfortably find the home they want. Since our founding, we have developed a number of different businesses and services with the support of our business partners, end users, investors and shareholders. For this, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has offered us support over the years.

 Our concept of Corporate Sustainability is to create a system in which we solve social issues which affect the Comfort and Happiness of our stakeholers through our businesses. At the same time, we also strive for the sustainable development of society and further enhancement of our corporate value.

 When I founded LIFULL, it was common practice for businesses to have a monopoly on real estate information. These select few would, then, release only the information that was convenient for them to consumers. I developed a strong opinion on the state of the real estate industry and launched LIFULL HOME'S, our flagship business, in order to bring about change to the industry. LIFULL HOME'S is not only a service for consumers searching for homes, but also a marketplace that generates support for real estate professionals who making legitimate efforts to providing reliable information to consumers and creating more transparancy in the real estate industry. Under our current Mid-Term Management Plan, we are looking for solution to social issues through our businesses. However, this concept of turning a profit while finding solutions to social issues has been the basis of LIFULL since our founding, and this will not change in the future, either.

 One of our Guidelines, the code of conduct for LIFULL, is "Value Every Stakeholder." This means that we consider all of our stakeholders when making decisions and make the best choice for all involved - both directly and indirectly. Our stakeholders not only include our customers, but also our employees, business partners, shareholders, investors, local communities and the global environment. Our Guidelines are revised every five years to reflect developments and changes in the company, but this Guideline, like our Corporate Credo "Altruism," is one of our basic principles and has remained unchanged through the years.

 Our lives have changed considerably after the pandemic. We are more aware of human rights issues and accepting of diverse lifestyles. On the other hand, the development of social networking tools has changed how we access and spread information. Recently, bad practices of the past have come to light in many industries, and there is more pressure to reform. This is a welcome change toward a society in which everyone can live their lives to the fullest. In response to these changes of the times, we will continue to work toward more transparancy and strengthen our corporate governance. Additionally, we will continue to engage in dialogue with all of our stakeholders to work together to create a society where everyone can attain Comfort and Happiness through continuous social innovations.