Well-Being-Focused Management

Making Employee LIFE FULL

Our Corporate Message is "Make Every LIFE FULL." This refers creating a society where everyone in the world can live in safety and comfort.
Within this message, we also include making the LIFE of each of our employees FULL – an important goal of our management. By helping our employees live fulfilling lives, they will be more empowered at work producing even better results which will, in turn, translate into making every LIFE FULL. We will, of course, continue to support the physical and mental well-being of our employees at LIFULL and also want them to enjoy their interactions with many different kinds of people such as their coworkers and families for an even more fulfilling life.

LIFULL Co., Ltd. President and CEO
INOUE Takashi


Well-Being-Focused Management

健康経営推進体制を表した図。健康推進責任者(代表取締役社長)の下にChief People Officerを配し、その下に人事本部 健康推進担当を設置。人事本部 健康推進担当は、衛生委員会・職場環境向上委員会・関東ITソフトウエア健康保険組合と連携しています。 健康経営推進体制を表した図。健康推進責任者(代表取締役社長)の下にChief People Officerを配し、その下に人事本部 健康推進担当を設置。人事本部 健康推進担当は、衛生委員会・職場環境向上委員会・関東ITソフトウエア健康保険組合と連携しています。

Strategy Map

Actions for Well-Being at LIFULL

We have divided employee self-care based on intrinsic motivation into three pillars: Learn, Check and Support.

1. Learn

We offer seminars held by professionals for employees to gain insights on how to better care for their physical and mental health.

Primary Initiatives

- Lectures on How to Interpret the Results of Physical Examinations

We created and shared a video of an industrial physician explaining how to interpret each of the results of employees' physical examinations for employees to view.

- Topic Seminars (Nutrition, Sleep, Smoking, Mental Health)

Seminars are held on a variety of important topics which affect employee well-being by an industrial physician.

2. Check

By regularly measuring the physical, mental and engagement of our employees and providing feedback, we are able to clarify individual issues and their causes and take necessary actions.

Primary Initiatives

- Physical Examinations

As physical examinations provide a major premise for maintaining and improving health on a regular and quantitative basis, we have set the target for 100% of employees to receive them regularly. In addition to the legal diagnostic items, we also provide information on optional examinations for the early detection of potential illnesses.

- Managing Employee Working Time

To ensure that managers have adequate insight into and can effectively manage the working times of their teams, we provide them with monthly reports. Representatives from the Human Resources department also send warnings to teams with particular issues.

- Engagement Survey
We conduct Employee Engagement Surveys twice a year to quantify employee well-being which serve as important indicators of engagement and overall well-being management of the Company. Members of the Human Resources department work closely with departments and teams with lower scores to resolve any organizational issues and proactively prevent employee stress.

- Well-Being Surveys

We have implemented monthly questionnaires to assess employee well-being. Employees can easily contact members of Human Resources through the questionnaire system, and representatives from Human Resources reach out and support employees whose scores drop in a given month.

- Stress Checks

We conduct monthly employee stress checks. The results of these check are regularly reported to manage to resolve any potential issues. Individuals identified as having high-stress levels are offered the opportunity to speak with a medical professional to help proactively improve their mental health.

3. Support

We provide following opportunities for employees to take the necessary steps to maintain and improve their health.

Primary Initiatives

- Health Consultations

We offer opportunities every month to consult with industrial physicians or nurse practitioners on health issues for employees who desire. Topics are not limited to mental and physical conditions, but can also be for advice on how to stay healthier in everyday life. Medical professionals also give advice on how to work with and accommodate team members with ailments.

- Coverage of Expenses for Gynecological Exams

We partially cover costs for gynecological examinations such as for cervical or breast cancer, ovaries and uterus.

- Measures Against Infectious Diseases (Influenza, COVID-19)

We offer annual influenza vaccinations in its offices and covers the cost for employees.
Employees receiving a vaccine for COVID-19 on a regular work day, the time spent for the vaccination is counted as working time. If the employee experiences any side effects of the vaccine, we provide an extra day of paid leave for their recovery. Employees accompanying family members for vaccinations also receive extra paid leave.

- Returning to Work Program (re:START)

We have started a program to relieve some of the stress, dissatisfaction and inconvenience many new mothers experience after maternity and childcare leave by having experienced mothers support new mothers for six months after coming back to the office.

- Support for Employees Taking Leave for Serious Illnesses

We provide support to individuals returning to work through the collaboration of industrial physicians, nurse practitioners, Human Resources and other team members.
Employees can continue to hold consultations with medical professionals after returning until they feel comfortable working in their positions again.

- Company-Sponsored Club Activities

We sponsor a number of employee-led clubs for various topics and activities to foster relationships outside of the workplace and give employees more opportunities to refresh.

Main Indicators

Well-Being-Focused Management Indicators for Management

We have continued to assess our Engagement Rating as a key indicator since 2003 and have undertaken a number of initiatives to increase companywide employee engagement. We believe that our initiatives to create an environment where employees are passionate about their work, start new business ventures and offer ideas for improvement are the sources of Company growth.

FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 Goal
Engagement Rating AAA AAA AAA AAA

Indicators for the Improvement of Well-Being

In order to reach our goals for employee sleep and smoker rates, we offer a wide variety of options to our employees. For example, employees can attend lifestyle improvement seminars (smoking, sleep, alcohol and nutrition) held by an industrial physician or take advantage of self-care options such as videos on how to interpret the results of physical examinations.

FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 Goal
Percentage of Employees Receiving Physical Examinations 97.2% 93.2% 99.9% 100%
Percentage of Employees Getting Adequate Sleep 60.8% 62.5% 70.4% 73%
Percentage of Smokers 24.0% 22.5% 17.9% 15%

*The above indicators are calculated for April to March of each year.